Sacred Prayer of Indonesian Ulama when Your Finances Encounter Problems, by KH. Abdul Hamid Pasuruan

Sacred Prayer of Indonesian Ulama when Your Finances Encounter Problems, by KH. Abdul Hamid Pasuruan
Sumber Gambar: Tim Laduni.ID, Ilustrasi: laduni.ID, Jakarta - Practice and prayer are crucial parts of human life, especially for religious believers who have faith in divine power. Prayer serves as a supportive tool in solving various problems with the belief in the assistance of Allah SWT, who possesses noble qualities. In this context, many human problems require prayer, such as debt repayment, expanding sustenance, safety, finding a spouse, ease in problem-solving, obtaining righteous children, and realizing a harmonious family, choosing leaders, and so on.

In Indonesia, the peaceful social condition is influenced by the majority of people who possess contentment and trust in national leaders, following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The majority of Indonesian Muslim society receives guidance from religious scholars in worship, practice, and prayer as a means of seeking help from Allah SWT. Observing this positive social condition, we hope to disseminate these values to the global community with the aim of creating global peace.

One famous Indonesian ulama is KH. Abdul Hamid, known for various miracles, such as the ability to teleport and transform leaves into money. These stories strengthen the community's belief in his sanctity. Moreover, he is known for his humility and simplicity, which earns respect from all walks of life, from the poor to the wealthy.

Interestingly, he has a powerful prayer practice, especially for those experiencing financial problems like debt. He deliberately disseminated this prayer practice to help overcome such issues. Therefore, the team attempted to document this prayer practice into an easily accessible e-book for anyone who wishes to practice it or help those around them facing financial difficulties.