Biography of Syeik Yasin Al Fadani

Biography of Syeik Yasin Al Fadani
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List of Contents

1     Life story and Family
1.1  Born
1.2  Family History
1.3  Passed away

2     Sanad of Knowledge and Education
2.1   Wandering for Knowledge
2.2   His Masters

3      His Successors
3.1   His Children
3.2   His Students

4       Works
4.1   His Works

5.     Exemplary Stories
5.1   Simple Figure
5.2   Tawadu and Alim

6      Karamah
6.1  Testing Shaykh Yasin al Faddani's Trustworthiness
6.2  Giving Instructions KH. Hamid from Mecca

7.     Reference

8.     Chart Geneology


1. Life story and Family

1.1  Born

Abu Al-Faidh 'Alam Ad Diin Muhammad Yasin bin Isa Al-Fadani or who is often called by the greeting of Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani was born in Mecca in 1915.

1.2  Family History

Sheikh Yasin al-Faddani was so active in studying that he almost "forgot" to get married. In fact, at that time he was about to step on the head of four. This then became the mind of his parents as well as his colleagues. Likewise, not a few of the educated elite of Haramain wished to make him their son-in-law because of the great reputation attached to Sheikh Yasin al-Faddani. Sheikh Yasin al-Faddani married at the age of 40 years, he left a wife and four sons.

1.3  Passed away

In 1990 Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani was summoned to appear before Allah SWT, the whole world felt the loss of a qualified hadith scholar who became a source of reference for knowledge. And the greatness of Allah was shown by the audience who attended the funeral procession of the great scholar.

As soon as the corpse is placed in the burrow, it is not a narrow and damp hole that appears, but the hole turns into a wide field that stretches out accompanied by a fragrant and refreshing fragrance.

2. Sanad of Knowledge and Education

2.1  Wandering for Knowledge

Sheikh Yasin began studying with his father Sheikh Muhammad Isa, then continued to Ash-Shautiyyah his teachers included Sheikh Muhktar Usman, Sheikh Hasan Al-Masysath, Habib Muhsin bin Ali Al-Musawa.

Around 1934 there was a conflict concerning nationalism, the director of Ash-Shautiyyah had mentioned several students from Southeast Asia, especially from Indonesia, then Sheikh Yasin put forward the idea to establish Madrasah Darul Ulum in Mecca, many of the Ash-Shautiyyah students moved to Madrasas in droves Darul Ulum, even though the madrasa was recently established.

Sheikh Yasin was then appointed to serve as deputy director of the Madrasah Darul Ulum Mecca, besides that Sheikh Yasin taught in various places, especially in the Haram Mosque.

The material presented by Sheikh Yasin received an extraordinary response, especially from students from Southeast Asia. Sheikh Yasin is also known as a scholar figure who often asks for diplomas from leading scholars so that he has an extraordinary number of sanad.

2.2  His Masters

His teachers while studying for knowledge were:

  1. Sheikh Umar Hamdan al-Mahrusi
  2. Sheikh Muhammad Ali Husain al-Maliki
  3. Sheikh 'Umar Bajunaid (Mufti Shafi'iyyah of Makkah)
  4. Sheikh Sa'id bin Muhammad al-Yamani
  5. Sheikh Hasan al-Yamani
  6. Qawaid al-Fiqhiyyah
  7. Sheikh Muhsin ibn 'Ali al-Falimbani al-Maliki
  8. Sayid 'Alwi bin 'Abas al-Maliki al-Makki
  9. Sheikh Caliph an-Nabhani.

2.3 Establishing and Caring for Madrasah Darul-Ulum

Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani was the originator of the idea for the establishment of Madrasah Darul-Ulum as well as being the first student of the madrasa. It is said that the reason for the idea of ​​building a Madrasah was caused by the actions and treatment of the Madrasah director Shaulatiyyah which was very offensive (especially) to students, most of whom were from Southeast Asia at that time. This is evidenced by the transfer of 120 students from Shaulatiyyah to the newly established Madrasah Darul-Ulum.

This is almost never experienced by the newly opened Madrasas that have so many students as Darul-Ulum. In a website it is stated that in 1934, due to a conflict concerning the national pride of the Indonesian people, 'Jawah' teachers and students had left Shaulatiyah and founded the Darul Ulum madrasa in Makkah.

3. His Successors

3.1 His Children

His sons and daughters are:

    1. Muhammad Nur 'Arafah Yasin Al Fadani
    2. Fahad Yasin Al Fadani
    3. Rida Yasin Al Fadani
    4. Nizar Yasin Al Fadani


3.2 His Students

Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani appeared as a scholar figure who was able to produce students who really loved science among his students

  1.     Sheikh Muhammad Ismail Zaini Al-Yamani
  2.     Sheikh Muhammad Muhktaruddin
  3.     Habib Hamid Al-Kaff
  4.     KH. Ahmad Damhuri (Banten)
  5.     KH. Abdul Hamid (Jakarta)
  6.     KH. Maimun Zubair (Rembang)
  7.     KH. Sahal Mahfudz (Pati, Central Java)
  8.     KH. Ahmad Muthohar (Mranggen, Demak)
  9.     KH. Ahmad Muhajirin (Bekasi)
  10.     KH. Zayadi Muhajir
  11.     KH. Shafi'i Hadzami

And among the students who had studied and took the Hadith sanad certificates from him were

  1.     Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad (Yemen)
  2.     Prof. Dr. Shaykh Ali Asshabuni (expert scholar, Sham)
  3.     Doctor M. Hasan Addimasyqi
  4.     Sheikh Isma'il Zain Alyamani
  5.     Prof. DR. Ali Jum'ah (Mufti of Egypt)
  6.     Sheikh Hasan Qathirji
  7.     Tuan Guru H. M. Zaini Abdul-Ghani (Kalimantan)

There are still many of his students scattered in remote corners of the world who continue the struggle of Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani.

Including the Indonesian people, we can be proud that our nation has scholars who are very famous and recognized for their high level of knowledge in Mecca and in the world. For example, Sheikh Muhammad Nawawi Al Bantani, Sheikh Mahfudz Termas, Sheikh Baqir bin Nur Al Jogjawi, Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani (Padang ), Sheikh Ahmad Khatib Sambas (Kalimantan), Sheikh Muhammad Zainuddin Al-Fanshuri (Lombok) and others.

4. His Works

4.2  His Works

The number of his works has reached more than 97 books, including 9 books on Hadith, 25 books on Science and Usul Fiqh, 36 books on astronomy, and the rest on other sciences.

And all of his works are scattered and become references for Islamic institutions, Islamic boarding schools, both in Mecca and in Southeast Asia. The high and systematic arrangement of language and its dense content make the works of Sheikh Yasin widely used by scholars and students as a reference source:

  1.     Al-Durr al-Mandlud Syarh Sunan Abi Dawud, 20 Juz
  2.     Fath al-'Allam Sharh Bulugh al-Maram, 4 vols
  3.     Nayl al-Ma'mul 'ala Lubb al-Usul wa Ghayah al-wushul
  4.     Al-Fawaid al-Janiyyah Ala Qawa'idil Al-Fiqhiyah
  5.     Jam'u al-Jawani
  6.     Bulghah al-Musytaq fi 'Ilm al-Isytiqaq
  7.     Idha-ah an-Nur al-Lami' Sharh al-Kaukab as-Sathi'
  8.     Hasyiyah 'ala al-Ashbah wan an-Nazhair
  9.     Ad-Durr an-Nadhid
  10.     Bulghyah al-Musytaq Syarh al-Luma' Abi Ishaq
  11.     Tatmim ad-Dukhul Ta'liqat 'ala Makhdal al-Wushul ila 'Ilm al-Ushul
  12.     Nayl al-Ma'mul Hasyiyah 'ala Lubb al-Usul wa syarhih Ghayah al-Wushul
  13.     Manhal al-Ifadah
  14.     Al-Fawaid al-Janiyyah Hasyiyah 'ala al-Qawaid al-Fiqhiyyah
  15.     Janiyy ats-Tsama Syarh Manzhumah Manazil al-Qamar
  16.     Mukhtashar al-Muhadzdzab fi Istikhraj al-Awqat wa al-Qabilah bi ar-Rubi'i al-Mujib
  17.     Al-Mawahib al-Jazilah syarh Tsamrah al-Washilah fi al-Falaki
  18.     Tastnif al-Sami'i Mukhtashar fi Ilmi al-Wadh'i
  19.     Husn ash-Shiyaghah syarh the book of Durus al-Balaghah
  20.     Treatise fi al-Mantiq
  21.     Ithaf al-Khallan Tawdhih Tuhfah al-Ikhwan fi 'Ilm al-Bayan
  22.     Ar-Risalah al-Bayaniyyah 'ala Tariqah as-Sual wa al-Jawab
  23.     Al-Ujalah fi al-Ahadith al-Musalsalah

5. Exemplary Stories

5.1   Simple Figure

And what is very interesting is the figure of Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani is his simplicity, although he is a great scholar but he does not hesitate to go in and out of the market carrying, and carrying vegetables to meet daily needs. Wearing a t-shirt and sarong, Sheikh Yasin also often hangs out at the tea shop while smoking Shisha (arabic cigarette).

No one dared to criticize him because of the height of knowledge that Sheikh Yasin had. And when the hajj season arrives, Sheikh Yasin invites world scholars and students to visit his house to discuss and not a few of the scholars ask for the Sanad Hadith certificate from Sheikh Yasin. However, even after the pilgrimage season, Sheikh Yasin's house is always crowded with scholars and students.

Regarding Sheikh Yasin's daily life, one of the Kiai, Sukarnawadi H. Husnuddu'at said:

"Shaykh Yasin is relaxed, simple, does not appear, often appears wearing ordinary shirts, sarongs, and often hangs out at "Gahwaji" for Nyisyah (smoking Arabic cigarettes) no one dares to criticize him because of the wealth of knowledge he has".

5.2   Tawadu and Alim

Sheikh Yasin also often makes visits to various countries, especially in Indonesia, not a few of the scholars who met Sheikh Yasin wanted to be considered a student by him and asked for a hadith sanad certificate.

And an interesting incident was when Sheikh Yasin visited Indonesia many of the scholars from various regions in Indonesia flocked to Sheikh Yasin to be considered a student, one of which was KH. Shafi'i Hadzmi.

KH. Syafii came to meet Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani to be appointed as a student but Sheikh Yasin refused, not because he didn't like it but because he was the one who deserved to be a KH student. Shafi'i Hadzami.

However, Sheikh Yasin considered that he did not deserve to be a teacher and he said that the depth of knowledge possessed by KH. Shafi'i Hadzami no doubt. KH Syafi'i Hadzami is so well-known in Mecca as a figure of an Indonesian cleric who has a wide range of knowledge. That is the figure of Sheikh Yasin Al-Fadani who really appreciates the experts of science.

6  Karamah

6.1 Testing Shaykh Yasin al Faddani's Trustworthiness

This is the story of Sheikh Yasin al Faddani, a well-known cleric from Mecca and his students who have fun. This story is about students who want to know the guardianship of their teacher. This story comes from Kiai Zakwan Abdul Hamid who remembers the figure of his teacher.

One day Zakwan wanted to test the truth about Sheikh Yasin al Faddani's guardianship. The cleric from Padang was indeed very popular in Mecca. His students are many and come from all over. This incident began at the residence of Sheikh Yasin. It coincided with Friday where the teacher often performed Friday prayers at the nearest mosque not in the Grand Mosque.

You are nosy, Zakwan has a fad intention to make Sheikh Yasin late for Friday prayers. Syekh Yasin invited him to chat with him until he finally ignored the call to prayer, a sign that Friday's prayer had started. Zakwan's friend deliberately bought time for the second sermon. Zakwan and his friend then went to the mosque while running. They thought that it was impossible for Sheikh Yasin to pray Friday, because the distance to the mosque was a bit far. Moreover, if Sheikh Yasin prays to the Grand Mosque of course it is impossible because his house is very far away. Meanwhile, all delivery cars have already left.

Finally Zakwan and his friends were able to pray Friday while thinking that Sheikh Yasin was not on Friday. They then got home and met their teacher. When they met, Sheikh Yasin's face looked happy and didn't even feel guilty for missing Friday prayers. The two students burst into laughter.

A moment later, Sheikh Yasin called Zakwan and said, "Please prepare tea, there are guests who want to come."

"How can Sheikh Yasin know that there are guests who want to come to his house," thought Zakwan. But without thinking he immediately prepared what his teacher's dawuh would be.

A moment later two Arabs came. They are then allowed to sit down and eat the food that is served. Then Zakwan heard that one of the guests said that after Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque there was one hadith that Sheikh Yasin had not certified. While the other Sheikh Yasin promised to graduate everything at home.

Hearing the two guests have a dialogue with Seykh Yasin al Fadani, Zakwan was shocked, he wondered to himself, "Friday at the Grand Mosque? Wasn't Sheikh Yasin not leaving for Friday prayers? It seems impossible for Shaykh Yasin to be able to reach the Grand Mosque if only in Utaibiyyah the sermon has entered the second session?”

Not long after, Sheikh Yasin entered his room, Zakwan then ventured to ask the two guests of his teacher. "Is it true that you two met the Sheikh at the Grand Mosque?"

One of them then replied, "Yes, we saw him sitting on a pole near Babul Shofā earlier." After hearing this explanation, Zakwan was sure that his teacher was a waliyullah.

6.2 Giving Instructions KH. Hamid from Mecca

Told when KH. Abdul Hamid in Jakarta was teaching in fiqh "diyat chapter", he found difficulties in one thing so that the study was stopped because of it. That same night, he received a letter from Sheikh Yasin, it turned out that the contents of the letter were an answer to the difficulties he was facing. He was also surprised, how did Sheikh Yasin know...? While KH. Abdul Hamid himself never asked anyone about this difficulty..! Sheikh.

7.  Reference

8. Chart Geneology

The following is a genealogy chart for the teacher Syeik Yasin Al Fadani's lineage that can be seen HERE, and a lineage chart for his student lineage can be seen HERE.

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